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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  October 13, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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if you can't watch set your dvr. thank you for watching, i'm jeanine. advocating for truth, justice and the american way. the greg gutfeld show is coming up next and i will see you again next saturday night. ♪ [cheering and applause] greg: the news seems pretty good if you ask me. booming economy, unlimited dropping a new supreme court judge who can stay awake. pieces breaking out in the careers and american pastors release from turkey and i just saw michael downtown selling pencils. he is so adorable in cardboard shorts. yet, in two years trump salt more headaches than a boatload of [inaudible].
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should you believe the polls? president trump: i believe in polls. only the ones that have us up. other than that there are the fake news polls. greg: i think that made sense. this great news can mean one road for the media. keep looking for the bad matter how far back you got to go. check out this headline from the hollywood reporter about donald trump's senior policy advisor, steven muller and miller's third grade teacher said he was a loner and eight glue. [laughter] holy [bleep]. seriously. that's a real headline. apparently muller would dry glue and eat it. muller was like every other [bleep] third grader. the teacher has been suspended for leaking this valuable info
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and i hope she is home making a scrapbook with a potter of elders by her side. but you know who is worse? the hollywood reporter. fiercely how far have you straight from your mission as a movie industry rack to do the story. how is eating glue hollywood needs? i can't wait to see your next scoop as an unborn baby, mike pompeo, once kicked his mom in the womb. [laughter] how much do you want to bet the teacher is a democrat is an their behavior is so irrational it's permitted. ask the pantsuit. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for and what you care about. greg: that is funny. i don't seem to remember her being civil to monica, juanita or paula. is this the right time for her to lecture us on civility? her party just ruined a man and she tells us we are uncivil.
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that's running over my dog and billing me for the burial. [laughter] by the way, hillary and bill are going on a tour together. she wants to make money and he wants to make it to the r in his little black book. [laughter] she wants to pay for the second renovation of their third home and he wants to have a foursome with triplets in a duplex. [laughter] that creates 24 different commendations. [laughter] you can bet bill has done the math. now, it's about which side is more uncivil. if you bring up the left, liberal scream what about trump he is so me. my job today is to compare the uncivil behavior of both the left and right. first, the left. you have the school lisa shooting and campus speech shutdowns and anti- fa and remember madonna and johnny depp? people chased from restaurants. kathy griffin. mobs chatting about wanting
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desktops and that is a lot. it's not a bug in the system but that's the whole damn system. what we have on the right? this guy. boat leaking diane feinstein, crooked hillary, fake news, sleepy eyes chuck is a sleeping son of a bi tch. greg: so he's crass and rough and rude but no comparison but just words. once while we do get a wacko doing wacko [bleep] but our friendship stays range. we do not have them over for dinner. dems have a bigger problem. they are hateful factions trying to scare you into accepting their demands. i called them a mob but then the media might collapse. >> ted cruz getting chased out of restaurants by a mob. >> you will not use the mob word here. >> it is totally a mob. >> stop. stop. >> that is my behavior.
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>> everybody stop. matt, we already did that. we said they were not mobs. >> if we were a tea party you call it a mob for sure. be serious let me move past the m word. [laughter] greg: it's the m word now. it is funny how they respond in thing. it's almost like an m word. when you enable group as an unbending and intuitive force you get a mob. it is not new. left-wing belief is nearing the personal to the political in order to mobilize and demonize. if they consider you evil there justified in doing this. >> because i told you to. >> yeah, you little white [bleep]. you are a whitey, aren't you? greg: you know that guy lives on
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someone's couch. and he has an entire microbial civilization living in his pan pants. [laughter] >> and he is white. greg: that's just one of his problem. all this good news is making the people not. really they need to take it out on something. >> tom, going to the protest this weekend? >> i'm out. i can't miss another game. >> maybe next line. >> yeah. don't get me wrong, i'm an angry liberal but i am exhausted. keeps winning. i wish there was an easier way to fight back. >> there is not with rage pillow. squeeze it and let your frustrations out. it is so convenient you can take it anywhere. get angry at the office.
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president trump: lowest unemployment rate. >> you take credit for everything. >> you for holding. i was on another call. >> at a restaurant. president trump: horrendous paris climate accord -- >> you are killing mother elves. >> even at the movies. president trump: crooked hillary. >> she won the popular vote. abolish the electoral college. >> order now and we throw in the blowup pilot from airplane. take back the house, take back your life first with rage pillow. president trump: we win so much will get tired of winning. >> stop winning. [screaming] greg: let's welcome tonight guests.
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whenever you are you to be look for dave rubin. creator and host and you can still that of the rubin report. [cheering and applause] she is so bright light houses look for her in a storm, new book is called # do not disturb, jedediah. [cheering and applause] she is trim, grim and light of lim, national review reporter kat since. [cheering and applause] and the eiffel tower is a towel rack formula wwe superstar and my massive sidekick tyrus. who is high. [cheering and applause] all right. [laughter] date your classical liberal. greg: so i will turn you into what is wrong with your party question. what's going on? >> did i hear that correctly, leaking diane feinstein? leaking like he really is good at this.
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greg: it conjures up two different leaks. [laughter] what are your thoughts? >> look, this is what would happen if you ran around for years screaming that everyone of you guys and evil people on box were all racist and bigots and homophobes. the endgame was going to be that you'd end up using violence against the people and condoning it. these guys call themselves intifada and they are the far. they literally dress like soldiers covert soldiers from g.i. joe and think they are the good guys. something is seriously wrong. greg: i like that they self appointed themselves as crossing guards. [laughter] that is the first step. >> and the type of mental disorder to be a white person screaming at another white person over his whiteness. [laughter] that they modern mental disord
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disorder. greg: tires, i saw you practically leave out of your comfortable chair when you heard the m word. tyrus: i was like what word? white people are attacking each other, the new m word. never been a better time to be black. [laughter] we made it. sorry. like, i have never seen a white guy talk to a white guy like that. that is hurtful. that sucks for him to be white. and to be talked to like that by another wider guy, actually. what is that? white on white violence. greg: it is. tyrus: it's amazing that -- i never had those issues at a crosswalk. i've never had someone hey, go this way or turn that way. a pick the guy who looks a little like you a little bit. greg: i know where you are going. tyrus: barely sees over the steering wheel.
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let's go pick on that kid. greg: you are height shaming. tyrus: i am car shaming. they need to make higher deeds. greg: this will never happen to me. you are making a great point and i forgot what it was. it had to do with -- these two netflix employs chased brian kilmeade, he was leaving his agent and they chased him down to a subway and went to the subway and they incited the people in the subway to target him. they won't do that to you, tyr tyrus. tyrus: especially if they chase me into a subway. i'm luring them. [laughter] if you get in a subway with me in the doorway close, that's your ass. not mine. [applause] greg: jedediah, i will defend people out of power for their desire to express rage but it seems like the left is expected rate weather in or out of power.
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>> they are always mad about something. you can express rage we can't destroy property or go out there and they defend the first amendment and i defend the first amendment but you can't destroy businesses and get in people's faces in restaurants and drive them out of spaces. i paid to break it but that's the definition of a mob. a bunch of people that make life incredibly different under difficult and they are in-your-face. it's so crazy to me because you are seeing these people in most media outlets and they reveal themselves to be who they are. your fingers that are supposed to be martyring the debates and they are so mad and so defensive because trump one and they're still mad about it now they have to defend this mob that they're compelled to jump in and they are on the partisan side. greg: they are not moderating. >> it is crazy. [applause] greg: let's talk about the
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teacher but your thoughts about the mop? kat: can discuss whatever you want. i am very versatile. greg: surprisingly. kat: i can do both quickly. i can say first of all, no judge on eating glue. when i was a child i used to love to eat the delicious rock results that they use to melt the snow. greg: yes, yes. kat: and i was quite popular in the third grade. as for the mob mentality it was not just hillary clinton but eric holder saying when they go low, kick them. not only is that not nice but also not very effective as if i'm on the ground and someone is kicking me i'm not going to be thinking i would love to thoughtfully consider this person's views on healthcare and immigration. i'm thinking why is this [bleep] kicking me and so if they really want to have these meaningful dialogue about issues and make a change then you have to be civ civil. greg: have to move on but i
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still don't understand someone from the hollywood reporter called me and tommy why you would do that's right when you call the hollywood reporter and you're a movie industry journal. i don't understand it. if only there was a story about a producer raping people for 25 years. maybe that's a story they could've covered. it was the summit heard round the world. the world. carne, trump [cheering and applause] and 25% less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs.
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greg: thursday the west wing became the holy crap it is kanye west wing. as in other day and trumps world reached the real unifying benefits so how does the media take this? >> wow. i'm doing this for everyone watching. turn your volume down because you can put it back up again. >> if you think you're going to get a thoughtful play-by-play and political analysis you are not. that was an assault on our white house. >> today was bonkers and it was crazy. it was off the rails. i thought it was really sad. greg: all, sad. been there. watch down and don lemon logo that. >> this was an embarrassment. connie's mother is rolling over in her grave.
7:19 pm
i spoke to one of her friends or texted one of her friends and she said he she would be embarrassed by this. he needs a father figure. you need someone to help them and guide him needs a hug more than anything. kanye, back away from the cameras. go get help and then come back and make your case. greg: i know somebody in this town and so that means i know what that mother thanks. you are a [bleep] [laughter] makes you wonder. you don't bring up someone's dead mom. i wonder if you say that to anyone or to jim brown was just 6 inches from kanye. when it was obvious -- you can love it or hate it but there was love in that room cnn always delivers the hates. they are the hate channel. kanye does not care. i wonder if that hat gives them power in some way? >> this hat gives me power in a
7:20 pm
way. i love hillary and i love everyone but the campaign i am with her just did not make me feel as a guy that did not get to see my dad all the time like a guy that is afraid to play catch with his son. when i put this had on it made me feel like a man. you made me superman. that's my favorite superhero. greg: all right. so what was connie's message overall? it was about being the best in making our own fear and making it better and creating more jobs and who does he sound like? here's a hit. if you don't look good we don't look good. president trump: if you don't look, we don't look good. this is our president. he has to be the freshest, flyers, best factories and we are putting people in positions that have to do with illegal things to end up in a cheap and factory ever than the prison system.
7:21 pm
president trump: i will tell you what, that was impressive. [laughter] [applause] greg: it was also pretty wild and unique but if these two want to work together on race relations or fewer murders in chicago who is to say they can't get it done, only the bitter schools of that naysaying media who wish it was them having an impact, not those two. especially this guy. he truly is a lemon. [laughter] jedediah, he's a lemon because he's bitter and sour about all of this. i get back to go but the problem with the genius it happened so quickly and then you go back and have to -- there were seven or eight things he talked about that were bigger points that were kind of missed. stuff about collin kat next
7:22 pm
about having him come to the white house. that's an important thing. greg: >> this made me mad. i don't understand whether you agree with him or not i don't understand why he was tweeted this way. all of a sudden celebrities can't go into the white house. they been going to the white house for years. obama had a trillion celebrities in. a were not all policy experts but to talk about issues and give their case and this guy is saying his piece and no one can stand that this guy has a different opinion from most people in hollywood and most people in the mainstream media so they have to take them out or paint them to be psychotic and a maniac and he is ill and they make fun of him. maybe you did not like the segment but don't talk to me about how this guy kanye is disgracing the oval office when you defended bill clinton. save it for another time. no one did there what bill clinton did their. greg: tyrus. i do think there is some truth about the father thing because
7:23 pm
when kanye is talking to drop i believe that he sees him as a father figure. tyrus: rights. why not? greg: that is my theory. tyrus: great theory. you are coming to me to talk about fathers. i don't have one either, kanye. not a big deal. i got over it. the worst thing in this whole thing that you're missing on the tape was the hug seen. greg: i know benign here's the thing. kanye was starstruck but he was so excited to meet his president and he did babble and did act a fool but every time people meet people in life they are in all of or have a love for, sometimes it gets a little jumbled like some of the people -- i took pictures tonight and if you them are like hey, titus, a joke or -- or yo, tyrone, can i get a picture?
7:24 pm
they know it is tyrus but in the moment they got weird or the picture to go fast enough on my husband is blind anyway they say weird things in the moment so the part with trump was it's very hard to get our president speechless and kanye did that [bleep] speechless. he went in for the hug and i love you, sir hug and donald went for the side and it was that was the awkward. what's that hug backwards. yeah [bleep]. [laughter] he out trumped trump in that situation. and kanye doesn't represent black people or singers or angry white people who hate white people but he represents himself supporting his president and the media jumped all over it but that was his moment with the president and every right to express himself that way. good for him. greg: kat, pretty weird but interesting. surreal. kat: i've never seen anything like that in my life.
7:25 pm
and i once saw a man bandaged a bleeding toe with 20-dollar bills on the subway. greg: that was dc, right? spirit yeah, it was. [laughter] does love and tenderness between the two men they were hugging and saying i love you and i'm not seeing any such innocent, pure tender innocent love like that high school when i was watching my high school crush and his girlfriend at the dance from the bleachers but he was -- he talked about a lot of issues that liberals should be excited about like top and frisk is bad or prison reform and these are things liberals are talking about as important issues and rather than saying that is great and maybe the president will focus on these issues that matter to us they have to hate on it because hating on trump is more important to them in solving anything at all. greg: yeah, you know -- [applause] i also think they're envious of
7:26 pm
the impact that kanye might have. i don't know. >> there's a huge jealousy. i want that happened if he puts that hat on and feel like superman. [laughter] there are drugs in that hat. i want that hat. what is the word -- there's a word -- what's the word when you look at a group of people and you judge them on the color of their skin and not the content of their character? what would be to work for someone that does not? [laughter] greg: titus. tyrus: racist. >> this is the new racism. they don't want a black guy that's willing to say some uncomfortable things and there's a pernicious new racism and that's why they are freaking out because they're losing control of a group of people they controlled for long time. they are the n-word. greg: how dare you. disgusting. we must go to break. up next how many americans are
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>> live from "america's news headquarters". i'm robert gray. a white house welcomed nearly two years in the making. freed american pastor andrew brunson headed to the white house shortly after returning to the us. brunson praying for the president is the oval office meeting turned into a prayer session. he was accused of spying and aiding terrorists and released after nearly two years in detention in turkey. his freedom was a high priority for christian evangelical leaders who praise the president for bringing him home. hundreds pack a church in upstate new york to say goodbye to a people, including four sisters, killed and eight limousine crash. eighteen people in the vehicle including the driver and two pedestrians died one week ago. the limo company's owner has been charged with criminally negligent homicide. i'm robert gray, now back to the greg gutfeld show.
7:32 pm
♪. greg: will be finally see the end of the pc. a new report on 80% of the publishing the political correctness is a problem in our country. and it's a belief felt by everyone young, old, black, white, asian, hispanic, native american, all of them think pc thought sucks. i call that unity. two thirds of americans fall into the exhaust majority who are tired of the polarization and tiptoeing around the easily offended. get this. only 8% of americans are progressive activists. the left of the left and the ones who push the pc meeting on a present are telling us what we can and cannot say. that seems like tyranny. anyway. pc culture limited speech in any way but i found books that were supposed to be published this year but because of the pc culture they aren't going to be published. here are a few of them.
7:33 pm
i'm angry about this. it's one of the first books i found right here. called body sally, 1000 aims to call girls with freckles. this is terrible. this is the stuff we will lose. [applause] [laughter] your dad looks like your dad's best friend. no, sorry, you look like your dad's best friend. 500 clever sayings for birthday clouds. [laughter] terrible. this is the stuff we are missing. kids who do cartwheels are stupid and have no friends. one hundred asked about childhood no one told you because you smell. [laughter] it brings it all home. this is interesting. your baby is actually really ugly. [laughter]
7:34 pm
stop bringing him to lunch, debra. this is specific. i'm trying to get my unlimited mimosas on 42995 and i think a producer wrote that for someone at home. this book is actually written by ryan gosling. yeah, true. i find you grossly unattractive. a list of 10000 americans i find grossly unattractive. shall we stop there? [laughter] let's see. if you live at home until you are 25 you're not a struggling millennial, you are just a los loser. [cheering and applause] i did not see that one coming. all right, kat, i think this study is much bigger than people think because political correctness when you look at the numbers over 80% of each
7:35 pm
ethnicity to test pc culture and this could be the thing that you divide the country and kills identity politics. kat: i hope so and i do find this encouraging but i don't find it totally encouraging because you have to think about just how powerful that small pc obsessed mob is. all they have to do is say that something accessed or something is racist and all of a sudden people might not want to associate with that even if it's something totally ridiculous like hoop earrings being cultural operation or one of the ridiculous examples ever in about a national review is people here that in the might to say okay, i don't want to stay away because i don't want to be called a racist or sexist to have power in those accusations even though they are in the minority. we need to remember if the minority and fight for the ability to speak like number of people and act like normal people because that is something that is important. greg: so attack the minorities is what you're saying. kat, terrible. to her point, she is speaking
7:36 pm
about the big problem which is there's a tiny mob that sounds like a large mob because they're so loud and they come after people like you. with a guest on your show, and she said the words that are not forgotten. share the risk. if every single person shares the risk, the little mob goes away. it's when we all hide because we go maybe they will not come for me so the crocodile will eat you last three and everyone says they're going after kat and if they go after kat they will not go after me. >> they go for one and go for more. if you stand there and they will stop. this is what our friend calls the chihuahua attack. they are a little you been dog that's making a lot of sound that you could take that thing to the corner really easily . greg: it's another size on this panel. ridiculous. >> i was not talking about you because i said to our.
7:37 pm
[laughter] greg: that was my nickname in high school mainly because i was hairless. tyrus. tyrus: the people that control it is the mainstream media and people who have a large voice. example, when we had situations like an opinion, this was a summit on a tv show and a customer wants to hear and someone comes on tv it says i was offended and i don't think our sponsor should and the ceos will bail. greg: hr nine yeah, they don't because it could be a problem instead of let's see what happens and one leading heart crybaby isn't that important but they give that power and they don't take it. we give it to them. greg: it's all true and posturing. jedediah, the corporate's that will throw you aside if they don't want to the problem or bad pr. >> people started years ago embracing the pc culture because we want to be polite and nice to
7:38 pm
know everyone is united because they're terrified to speak. terrified to say anything out of fear they'll be labeled something and it's united people if you tweet something 25 years later it could come back in your out of a career. greg: yes, it's like herpes. not that i would know. [laughter] >> did you see this week that the abc executives and other saying they may have jumped the gun by getting rid of rosanne because they think that connors will do poorly. you got rid of rosanne from the rosanne show and. greg: it will be reboot number three. all i know is we missed out on great books. because of this pc culture. [laughter] tyrus: you can't have debates anymore. greg: quietly in a room and drink heavily. of next, goodbye candy bars and hello prison bars. a virginia town threatening teens with jail time if they trick or treat. expedia introduces add on advantage,
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greg: no more hollowing when you turn 13. in chesapeake, virginia anyone over 12 cut trick-or-treating could face fines and jail time of up to six months. in other news, i'm moving to chesapeake, virginia. it's not so much about the treating but the ticking. taking pumpkins from porches and smashing them in the street. is this a just or appropriate? banning 13 euros from trick-or-treating poses a problem for me since for halloween i go as a 13 -year-o -year-old. [laughter] anyway, if you are heading out this halloween and tired of all the usual costumes, do we have ideas for you. ♪ >> it's that time of year when you search and search for halloween costume but can't seem to find one right for you. >> i'm tired of the costumes that objectify my body. they all work the same. i'm out of ideas. >> you can use a costume that is
7:44 pm
fair and balanced. >> yeah. [crowd boos] the fox news facebook costume. no mistaking which cable news anger you are representing the following like the brian kilmeade, his custom comes with dark jacket, light shirt, khakis and a bold but tasteful type. or how about the steve ducey with dark jacket, light shirt, khakis and bold but tasteful type. we've even had tucker carlson with his one-of-a-kind dark jacket, light shirt, khakis and a bold but tasteful tie. >> i don't know. anything else? >> tie the greg gutfeld. >> take my money now. >> is the fox news favorite basis costume. [laughter] [cheering and applause]
7:45 pm
greg: kat, you still trick-or-treat and you are almost 40. kat: that is so mean. [laughter] that is so mean. i don't still trick-or-treat, greg. i drink now. although, i trick-or-treat it all the way through high school. what was i supposed to do? drink. other kids were but they were not inviting me so i did not drink. i also wanted to continue to be a child as long as possible and certainly past the age of 13. when you're 13 or so get going out with friends and getting candy, it's a fun thing and now that i'm pushing 30. [laughter] i'm glad i have those childhood memories. take about the founding fathers sitting there thinking about the future of our government and our country and i highly doubt that they would have envisioned the government interfering to stop a 13 -year-old from asking a
7:46 pm
neighbor for candy, let alone putting them in jail forever and we completely lost her mind. greg: founding fathers did not invent hollowing. >> but there was candy. >> george washington did have serious issues with [inaudible] [laughter] greg: yeah, it's true. made of wood. you still celebrate halloween? >> do you know it's a lie he had went into? greg: but something else was within. >> i'm just tossing them to you. [laughter] this is just [bleep]. they want to suck the fun out of everything. they want us all to be as visible as they are. if you want candy, go get kenny. we want to sit home and don't have candy, don't have candy. greg: i like appetizers, are you for trick-or-treaters? tyrus: yeah, they are so excited
7:47 pm
when i come to the door. [laughter] i'm not a big hollowing guy because no customs fits i have two choices. i could go green stuff on my face. halloween is not my thing but this poses the problems. art, guns can be sanctuary cities where you can go around those creepy pastors up in the costumes and cosplay and dressing up and 365 and everyone is a sexy box or lobster or whatever the hell or unicorn, in your case, animals can be sexy. not my thing but i'm just saying. you can be a sexy box if you want to. this is exact what kat says, complete overkill. thirteen -year-olds are still a child. what happens is it addresses up in the kids away from dad for a second does he get tackled in the street and be not? to go dressing up. clearly he is over 13. greg: i usually tell people that
7:48 pm
left my kid in the park. [laughter] i remember jedediah you showed up in the view as betty boop. tyrus: what chapter is that in the book? [laughter] >> that did not make the book. you said what about it. you said you were on a stairmaster -. greg: she came out dancing as a betty boop and it was so painful. it was bad. it was awful. i feel bad. >> i like betty boop though. what a joy, as? >> i don't remember. greg: it's great when people get arrested on halloween because they get their mug shot in the costume and my buddy and i swear on a stack of bibles or those books he went to hollowing as a convict so he was in stripes and he has a plastic ball and chain. he got arrested for -- i'm not in a say what was but it was a common crime and he was booked and in jail overnight and everyone ripped them to shreds.
7:49 pm
good story. >> remember when halloween -- >> tucker carlson. greg: how did you guess it? it was not tucker. [laughter] all right. we've got another story after this. stormy's lawyer challenges donnie trump junior to a fight. no, he's not clinging to the spotlight foran dear life at al. [cheering and applause] winner! that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. hi! geico has licensed agents who i can reach 24/7. great savings and round the clock service? now that's a win-win. winner. winner. yay me! oh, hi! good luck. switch to geico®. it's a win-win. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa?
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greg: would you please bite me he asked as his 15 minutes of fame almost passed. it's a smear moments before pledging to the bottom is a bit of a security, michael avenatti, a.k.a. captain cue ball had a sad tweet this week. his for time after the gang rape claims against kavanaugh fell apart and now the cable news shows and taking his calls so let's see what he's been tweeting about. he wants to challenge donald junior to a mixed martial i fight for charity and list the charities he would fight for and waiting for beth to confirm. beth has not confirmed and neither has donald junior. i wonder if he's training for the fight? ♪.
7:54 pm
greg: tyrus, this seems like right up your alley. tyrus: i believe i will let my words do the talking. do we have it? if donald trump junior can't do it, i'm your huckleberry. i will donate my time to the charities of your choice. [cheering and applause] greg: that would be fun. >> i'm imagining the visual of you and michael avenatti. [laughter] greg: oh my goodness. do you know what i think is clever? he cooks self-promotion and victims of the first was stormy daniels in a gang rape accuser now he's used charity. all this is and so compassionate
7:55 pm
but it's to keep his name alive. kat: i just do not get what is going on. we have joe biden trying to fight trump. now we got avenatti trying to fight trump junior why don't they just call each other names behind each other's backs? that's what women do. [laughter] what is with these men? it works out fine for us. greg: yeah, it does. jedediah? >> i'd like a good model for. [laughter] i'd like a good mud russell. well played, my friend. greg: he's the worst lawyer ever, right? tyrus: he's a bad person. greg: he's using his clients for climbing to a spotlight. tyrus: i guarantee i will have five or eight seconds --
7:56 pm
>> not even. greg: final thoughts, if we have them, next. [cheering and applause] with more farm-fresh taste, more vitamins, and 25% less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs.
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greg: we are out of time. thank you to dave, jedediah, kat, tyrus and our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. [cheering and applause] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." president trump speaking at a rally in richmond, kentucky. let's listen in. president trump: many people were killed. nobody ever talks about the people who were moreably injured. they lost legs. they lost arms. these were people who were running. they wanted to keep themselves in shape. they were work out. they were walking hand in hand together. they are dead. they are horribly wounded. many will


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